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Effortlessly Invest in Vacation Rentals in just a Matter of Minutes.

Say Goodbye to the Stress of Rental Ownership with Our Hassle-Free Investment Solutions.

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How It Works
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Step 1
Browse Properties

Browse our website for available properties that fit your investment criteria.

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Step 2
Invest With Us

Determine how much you’d like to invest, review the terms, sign electronically and fund your investment.

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Step 3

While we handle the daily operations, you can relax and earn your share of the monthly net income and the potential appreciation of your investment property.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the Investment process work?
    Investors can purchase a part of a property and receive passive income from it with no management duties on their part. Upon transferring their funds, they will gain access to regular payments coming from the renting income (minus operating costs, costs, and extra reserves) of the asset, while Here takes care of the management of the property.
  • How can I sell my equity?
    Pocono VIP Rentals allows investors to take advantage of the potential wealth that vacation rental investments can provide. Since investing in vacation homes has traditionally been an illiquid asset, investors have had to sell the entire property in order to benefit from the investment. However, with Pocono VIP Rentals, investors can sell a portion or the entirety of their ownership interest. This is seen as beneficial since real estate returns are usually greatest when held for the long-term and rental income from the property is not as susceptible to the volatility of the public markets. We also believe that wealth is built through long-term investments and allows investors to determine the length of their investment. Pocono VIP Rentals allows for unrestricted transfers and sales of ownership.
  • Are Vacation Rentals a good investment?
    Vacation Rental Industry Statistics The US vacation rental industry is predicted to become the most valuable in the world, with a value of estimated at over $15.1 billion. This sector holds 31.3% of all private accommodations in the US, most of which are small businesses. The domestic customer usage rate is 15.3%, and it is predicted that the industry could make up to $17.66 billion in 2022. Generally, vacation rental management firms are spending $4,094 every month on digital technologies. Vacation Rental Industry trends The vacation rental sector has been flourishing for a while now, and in 2021, it experienced a rise of 22.76% in comparison to 2020. From 2011 to 2019, bookings surged by a whopping 240%, and a survey indicates that 86% of people will book a vacation rental in 2022. Additionally, it is forecasted that the industry will witness an 8.49% yearly growth rate from 2022 to 2026. In the US, 600,000 homes have been rented out through online platforms such as Airbnb, which accounts for 5% of all vacation rental stays. Additionally, 23% of Americans have reportedly tried out short-term rental services. The vacation rental industry experienced a substantial financial gain in 2021, with income increasing more than pre-pandemic amounts by 26%. Costs for services like software, membership fees, and ads have also gone up. Usage of vacation rentals has risen to 15.3% of the population, with each customer spending $300 on average. Estimates of $15.338 billion in US industry revenue were almost spot-on, only differing by 1.55%.
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